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Once commissioned, Benroth International will establish and manage a network of agents and distributors in the region and function as the Client's own regional office. Our Client would have established an “Asian” presence with one stroke leveraging on Benroth's established regional footprint. All these, at a fraction of the cost otherwise needed to achieve such a result!

  • Distributor Network

  • Recruit and enable channel partners

    We search and appoint, then manage the network of distributors and agents for Clients in the Asia Pacific region.

    Distributors and agents are recruited based on our stringent process and requirement to ensure qualified distributor(s) with the right product mix, resources and aligned business goals to meet our Client’s business objectives are enlisted. Certification training according to our Client’s skillset requirements is included. Managing the network of distributors and agents to maximise their mindshare and performance is our unique strength and contribution to any new Asia market entrant.

  • Restructure distribution channels

    We provide evaluation and analysis on existing distribution channel structure and performance with the aim to maintain top channel health conditions and to support any necessary improvement changes where required. We manage the conversion of “exclusive” to “multi” channel, and tactfully terminate non-performing partners.

  • Joint Ventures / Acquisitions Management

    At the request of our Clients and where capital is available, to search, evaluate and set up joint-ventures and/or acquisitions. Apart from the normal accounting-based due diligence, we will be the cultural interlocutor.

  • Market Research

    We provide market research into market needs, market size and competition to support business decisions. This will use both secondary and primary sources of information, supplemented by actual interviews, such that our experience over the spectrum of activities in the Asia Pacific can be brought to bear on the Client's brief.

  • Product Certification, Management, and Marketing

    We assist Client in obtaining product certification to national standards for market entry, supervise and manage trade flow providing advice and training on shipping and instruments of trade. We manage the product life cycle ensuring smooth transition of old to new products to maximize ramp up. We carve out market space and establish branding with strategic plan and creative tactics through joint marketing with channel partners.

  • Export Coaching

    Conduct audits on a prospective Client's export readiness. Look into the resources mix in the company. Test commitment quotient of management and/or owners.


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